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The First of June is a day that reminds us of the most significant people in the
world – our children. Every year, this day is dedicated to the celebration and enlightenment of youth. It is one we never forget.

Children inspire us, and this is why we have incorporated this day into our name.  Simply, we never want to forget who we create for, what we work for, and why we do what we do.

We are JuneOne Publishing Hub.

This is a consorted enterprise consisting of professionals with over 20 years of experience from various disciplines, including marketing, editing, writing, and illustrating.

We have created and delivered content in various high-tech and printed media.  We are specialists in categorizing and packaging content to provide the best value for both our creators and our audience.

JuneOne Publishing Hub is our endeavor to bring quality literature to children through words of learning and pictures of imagination. When children open one of our books, we strive to inspire and educate them as well as begin a lifelong love of reading. 

We believe in supporting works to educate the world’s children. One of our many projects includes bringing the light of education to the underprivileged youth in third world countries. Currently, a portion of our proceeds helps to fund an effort to provide a basic education and increase literacy levels for children in India.

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