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Christina Das

As a child, author Christina Das defined her life by stories.  She read them for hours – falling into them, making friends with them, and imagining them.

And now, many stories later, Christina writes them.

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christina grew up an only child with lots of imagination and many hours on her own. With an early love for books, she collected them as a childhood hobby, and eventually wrote her first one for her second grade teacher.

As she grew, Christina never lost her love of story. After graduating from Richmond College in London, she worked as a journalist. While she covered a wide range of topics, she specialized in feature pieces that highlighted community events and the work of prominent and everyday individuals. During her 10 years as a reporter, Christina found the most amazing stories in the most unlikely places.

After the birth of her daughter, Christina rediscovered her forgotten stories in her renewed love for children’s books. Those fond memories of reading came back to her – the wonderful stories that again took her to familiar places and to the characters who were lifelong friends.

This inspired her to write children’s poetry for her daughter. In time, these works evolved into a series of picture books, including The Red Spotted Balloon, Swinging Under the Stars, Oomph-Pa-Pa at the Circus, Coo-Coo Duckling, and Munchy Mouse.

Every night before bed, Christina and her daughter spend an hour reading their favorite stories together. It is this love for books she hopes to pass onto her daughter, and onto the children who read her stories.

Christina resides in Southern California with her husband and daughter along with a collection of her favorite childhood books.

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