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It always starts with an idea. Sometimes it’s big, and sometimes it’s small. No matter, it is an idea that motivates you to do something more, to make a change, to start something. The power of the idea creates conviction and leads to determination. With thorough research and meticulous planning and preparation, the idea transforms into possibility. Finally, with proper execution, the possibility is a reality and it delivers something greater than you imagined, something as sweet as the success of your ambitions.

JuneOne was an idea. I believed it had potential, and it became my possibility. After years of work, it became my reality. And I want to share with you the promise that I see it holds.

Have you ever intently watched children at play? Beyond the laughter and joy, you see something more. You see the intensity in their eyes as they study the world around them. The interest and intrigue the smallest of things creates we as adults dismiss so inconsequentially. I have seen this, and it has inspired me. With my lifelong love of reading and my unending interests in learning, I want to contribute to children’s enlightenment through the magic of books.

In the early stages of any company, I can only tell you about my intentions and make promises of what will come in the years ahead. But, it is my wish and my conviction that JuneOne deliver the highest quality works for children that will inspire them to learn and begin their lifelong love of reading. I believe our first collection for 2005 will begin this JuneOne tradition. Each of these titles is unique, but together they are a tapestry of imagination, art, and good storytelling that will surely give you a glimpse of the quality of work that we’ll produce in the years to come.

On behalf of JuneOne, I welcome you to be a part of this magic – not only as a reader but also as a participant. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or work that you wish to share. I want this publishing house to not only create superior work, but also to focus on the unrecognized works of neglected talents.

Ideas have ways of becoming more, and I see JuneOne as a hub for more. Join me in this magic. Never forget the power of a good book, and its profound effect on our children. Reading has a way of leading to a lot of good ideas.

Yours Truly,
Soumya Das

Soumya Das
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